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American First Lady Michelle Obama encouraged students from the Middle School Attached to NPU to have the whole world in view


Accompanied by over twenty students from the Middle School Attached to NPU, Fist Lady of the United States Michelle Obama kicked shuttlecock, jumped rope and flied kites on the Xi’an City Wall, during which she experienced the charm of the ancient capital. She had a cordial talk with the students, encouraging them to“have the world in view” and to learn diverse customs and cultures around the world.

Invited by President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan, First lady Michelle Obama, joined by two daughters and her mother, arrived at Xi’an on March 24th.After visiting the site of the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum, they stepped on to the South Gateat 3:30 p.m. and were introduced the history of the ancient City Wall.


The awaited students from Middle School Attached to NPU presented Michelle's daughters with Chinese ink paintings, three-dimensional phoenix paper-cut and calligraphy works, which conveyed their best wishes. Michelle watched with interest as the students performed jump -rope and shuttle cock kicking. Off the high heel shoes, she joined the students and demonstrated hers kills. Cheerful applause and laughter arose from time to time.

Those students who got the chance to talk to Michelle in person were in great excitement. They expressed that Michelle was approachable and gracious. “She hopes that we can be innovative and can go to America for study some day,” the students said, “She also encouraged us to have the whole world in view and to learn diverse cultures around the world.”