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Map of Campus

Youyi Campus (Address: 127# You Yi Xi Lu,Xi’an)

Named after Youyi Road where it is located, the Youyi campus of NPU is garden-like. In August 1956,the East China Institute of Aeronautics was moved here, and in 1957, after NPU was established by combining the Northwest Institute of Engineering and the Xi'an Institute of Aeronautics, the campus underwent new development. The current Youyi campus is composed of the north campus along Youyi Road and the south and west yard covering a total area of 197 acres.

Chang’an Campus (Address: Dong Xiang Road Chang’an District, Xi’an)

Bus Guide: No.916, Stop Caoyangcun ---- Chang’an Dong Da. ¥6)

Chang’an Campus is located in Xi'an city Changan District province, north of Qinling Mountains, about 30 km away from the Youyi campus, with enchanting scenery and quiet environment which is suitable for studing and living.