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The Finals for Shaanxi Provincial Competition of Chinese Classics Reading Held in NPU


On the afternoon of November 27, the Finals for Shaanxi Provincial Competition of Chinese Classics Reading was Held at AoXiang Students’ Center on Changan Campus of NPU, which was hosted by the Working Committee for Higher Education of Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, and Shaanxi University Students on Line, and undertaken by NPU. A total of 8 schools won in the preliminaries and semi-finals, entering the finals.


The contest began with a dance “Flowers in the Dessert” from Shaanxi Railway Institute, which brought unique and exotic flavor to the audience with the performers’ graceful dancing movements and the brilliant costumes. And the audience seemed to be brought to the dessert by their performance. “The Horse Wu Zhui Taking Farewell of XiangYu, the Conqueror” by XingZhi College of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics recounts the ups and downs of XiangYu’s life; The program by NPU “Drumming” taken fromThe Book of Poetry, the earliest poetry anthology in China, mainly relates the people’s sufferings caused by the wars during the Spring and Autumn Period, and reveals the mutual encouragement and profound feelings of the brothers- in-arms who would share life and death together. Four competitors from Shaanxi Normal University chanted “Chariots March” by Du Fu, a famous poet of Tang Dynasty, revealing the true life of the poor people in the reign of Emperor Li Longji. Two boys from Xi’an Pei Hua University interpreted “Emperors Yan and Huang”, two legendary rulers of remote antiquity which reminded the audience of the Pride of China in their blood. And “China Memory” by Xi’an Si Yuan University displayed vividly the evolution of China’s history of 5000 years with abundant stage props. Finally, Shaanxi Normal University’s “ Chariots March” got the highest mark of all the participating teams, winning the champion of the contest.


“Drumming” by NPU won Excellence Award in the match. And NPU as the undertaker of the contest won the Outstanding Organization Award.